How To Rewrite Your Story From A Kinder Perspective

The good news for women struggling to love themselves…

Photo by De’Andre Bush on Unsplash

Most of us think of life as linear…a story line with a beginning, middle and end. Like a constant path forward towards an ultimate destination.

Or like a book — flipping pages and reading from left to right until we get to the end — and shut it.

Or a movie — it starts, we watch it, and then suddenly we are at the closing credits and it’s over. But, really, life isn’t linear at all!

It’s cyclical.

We are constantly beginning and completing cycles in every moment of our life. Every breath we take is like a mini death and rebirth — like a cycle of renewal.

We are all familiar with setting intentions on New Years as a way of celebrating the end of one cycle and beginning another.

Well, here is my message today…

Make every day your New Years!

Each morning when you wake up — renew your intentions, energy, presence of mind, body and spirit! Allow your Soul to be filled with gratitude for a NEW moment — and the opportunity to engage with yourself and the world around you in a more loving and kinder way.

Just because you haven’t been writing your story from the lens of genuine self love thus far does not mean you cannot start right now.

There is no “too late!” There is no one saying, “Well, you haven’t been loving yourself for 40 years so you can’t start now — sorry!” Psshh…eff that!

You have permission to end the cycle of…

  • Self doubt
  • Self abandonment
  • Self betrayal
  • Self harm
  • Self loathing


And begin a new cycle where you approach your life and your journey from a place of…

  • Self compassion
  • Self worth
  • Self love
  • Self knowing
  • Self acceptance
  • Self realization

There is no expiration date.

There is no point of “no return.”

Nothing is fixed.

Nothing is permanent.

Not. Even. You.


Put your hand on your heart and close your eyes.

Gently tell yourself that you are ending the cycle of low self love and beginning a new cycle of full, complete and utter Self reverence.

Now — begin writing that life story…where you deeply love yourself.

Spiritual Self Worth Coach & Award Winning Songstress who empowers heart centered women to trust their intuition and live their Soul purpose.