Acceptance Is A Spiritual Super Power.

Debra Arlyn Rose
3 min readAug 17, 2021
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The power to remain peaceful even during hard and difficult times lies within our own minds. We choose how we respond and work with the lessons that come to us.

What is the point of life? Is it to be happy? Make lots of money? Fall in love? Worship a deity? Travel? Have a family?

While all the above are wonderful choices and ways to spend our time on earth as humans — I would say none of them strike to the heart of answering the question of what the purpose of life is.

Carl Jung asserted that the point of life — is Self Realization. And I would agree.

If we accept that the point of life is Self Realization — how do we do this?

One aspect of growing in our awareness and self realization, is learning and growing through “life lessons”.

The path of consciously growing by leaning into important lessons in our life, is how we ultimately transform into more awake beings.

But we must understand then, that we cannot grow and evolve if we are comfortable. We don’t learn much if we are always staying within our comfort zone and repeating familiar patterns.

Which means we will be handed the lessons we least desire while walking our life path.

But we can have trust in our Inner Knowing that even when the lesson is hard, painful and truly devastating — these are precisely the lessons we need in order to become our Highest Self.

Simply put, we cannot grow and evolve if we are comfortable.

This does not take away the initial shock, pain and resistance that instantly arises when bad things happen. We are human after all — we are literally hardwired to survive and avoid pain! Our ego and our nervous system does a fantastic job of keeping us safe, aware and alive.

But, the super power of leaning into acceptance, DOES change how we work with the instant reactions and emotions that arise when we are confronted with something we’d much rather ignore, run away from or suppress.

First, it’s important to know that we always have a choice in how we respond to our life. We have options.

We can try to resist, suppress or escalate situations and people. We choose.

But wisdom tells us that doing any of the above things only creates further “spin off”, suffering and chaos.

What would be possible for us, if we trained ourselves to sit with what is arising, holding gentle & compassionate space for it all?

We are constantly given the opportunity to learn a lesson or respond with more regulation, insight, compassion and hope.

What if we chose to affirm our deepest, most True Self that it cannot be broken, destroyed, or annihilated…no matter how scary things seem?

What if we accepted everything life brought to us with curiosity and gratitude?

What if we took the time and space to ask, “What am I to learn from this?”

Nature demonstrates the power of transmutation beautifully for us. Just as Trees transmute carbon dioxide into life giving oxygen — so can we also transmute the toxic, hard, painful, scary stuff in our world — into life giving and sustaining energy.

To embody and exude our truest values, hopes and self empowerment — even in the midst of life turbulence — is to create the ultimate freedom for ourselves.

The ability to overcome and transcend even the most brutal of plot twists — without crashing, burning or succumbing to bitterness and anger…is the most beautiful gift we can give our hearts.

This is the Spiritual Superpower we can harness — if we are brave and bold enough!

To stay tender and awake.

To learn the lessons, be amused, and work with the stories and events in our life.

Resist nothing. Accept everything.



Debra Arlyn Rose

Spiritual Self Worth Coach & Award Winning Songstress who empowers heart centered women to trust their intuition and live their Soul purpose.